How much do you charge?

Well that all depends. We know that we are very competitive on price. Local gigs that do not finish too late are less expensive than late finishing gigs in Wiltshire. Oh... you want a number. OK here are two examples:-

Gig in central London, Friday evening, we need to get there for 6pm to get set and soundchecked. We are not due on until after dinner and speeches at 9.30pm and the client would like us to play until midnight. It really depends on all the details, the venue, the get in, the get out and so on. Central London gigs generally start at £2,400.

Gig in Bricket Wood, Saturday evening, 65th birthday party. Three sets starting at 7.30pm, venue insists music ceases at 11pm. £1,600

We offer discounts for some charity gigs and recurring gigs

The best thing to do is to contact Ben or Martin and we will give you a firm price. We do this for enjoyment more than anything else and know our fees are very keen.

I am nervous about booking you for my wedding / party / corporate event. I don't know or understand much about jazz. Why should I book a jazz band?

We are a jazz band in the old sense of the word. We are a dance band, We fill the floor time after time. You do not need to know much about jazz or any other sort of music to enjoy it. If you book us your guests will have a fun and classy evening listening and dancing to songs that will make them smile.

Imagine the start of the evening - guests start to arrive and there is quiet melodious music coming from a smartly turned out band on stage with silky sax playing tunes that you can't name but definitely know. As the evening hots up our professional vocalist joins the band and starts to sing numbers that the audience cannot help but tap their feet to. As the evening progresses the band adjusts the set to suit the crowd. Numbers made famous by Van Morrison, Status Quo, Duke Ellington, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, the Blues Brothers, Herbie Hancock, Frank Sinatra and the Commitments tumble out one after the other and the entire audience has had a memorable and classy night. Now that is jazz.

If you think that sort of night would suit your crowd then telephone us and let's discuss your requirements. High brow, impossible to understand, squeaky we ain't. Classy, good time, high quality players - that's us.

Oh and we offer a money back guarantee - but have never yet had to make a refund.

Can I save money by booking a smaller version of the Jazz Goats?

We are a flexible bunch. If we play as anything less than a five piece band it dramatically alters the entire sound and feel of what we do and a chunk of our repertoire does not work for smaller ensembles. Talk to us about your requirements and we will advise you what sort of band is best suited to your needs.

How much space do you need?

Anything smaller than 6m x 4m starts to get cramped. If you have less space available we can normally find a workaround.

Do you do requests?

If there is a number you would like us to play then we would like to play it. Please let us know any special requests when you book us.

Do you have any requests?

Well yes, since you mention it. It would be great if you would get us a few drinks. We do not drink much alcohol when we are on stage but playing is usually thirsty work so a small bar tab is always much appreciated.

Could we use one of your microphones for announcements, speeches etc?

Yes of course

Do you provide all the microphones,speakers and other kit?

Yes we do. We have a full professional PA system and come with a sound engineer who adjusts the sound through the evening. If we are playing a little too quietly or too loudly for you just mention it to our sound engineer and he will adjust the sound. Our equipment is powerful enough to comfortably cover indoor audiences of at least 600 and we have access to extra equipment should it be needed. We do not generally offer lighting since most of the venues we play have this covered. If necessary we can hire lighting equipment.

Do you provide background music during breaks?

Yes we do

Could we use your equipment for the disco afterwards?

Most DJs would rather use their own equipment. Our professional PA equipment is carefully set up to provide a non deafening amplified live music experience. Discotheques have different requirements - they usually want some thumping bass and they are usually a lot louder than us. Playing recorded music through our PA in that way would make big demands on it which would shorten its life so no, please ask the DJ to use his own kit.

How long do you play for?

We will work with the client to fit with their requirements. Where we are playing all night three 40 minute sets is typical, where there is the Jazz Goats followed by a disco two 50 minute sets is usual; but we are pretty flexible.

How long does it take you to set up?

An hour is tight, two or more hours is relaxed. We like to be relaxed

How loud are you?

We will work with the client to meet their requiements. At other gigs audience members have commented on how pleasant it was not to feel assaulted by the volume levels. We are noticeably quieter than discos and your children's rock band. We generally turn up a little for the last set but if at any stage of the gig we are either too quiet or too loud please do not be shy - let us know and we will adjust to your requirements.

Which charities do you support?

We have in the past played for The Peace Hospice in Watford and Hertfordshire Action on Disability Both fabulous organisations.

How do you all stay so young and vibrant looking?

Moisturise every day. Beauty regimes matter.

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