Thank you very much for visiting the Jazz Goats website. The Jazz Goats have been blurring the boundaries between jazz, soul, funk, rock 'n' roll and pop since 2007. We hope the links on the left will help you to find useful information but if you have any queries at all do not hesitate to contact Ben ( ) +44 (0)7734 814416 or Martin ( )

We love playing music from many different genres. We generally play for clients who are planning events where the audience age range is from 25 to 95. We have played some prestigious venues ( Royal Opera House, Weston Roof Pavilion at the Royal Festival Hall, Chelsea Harbour Hotel and many more ) but we have played many more gigs at venues that are a little less well known. It is fun to play at the fancy places but what really matters to us is that the audience have a good time. When the audience are happy we play better, and that makes the audience happier, and so on.
There are several photographs on this website but if you would like to see more please head over to our facebook page at

This is updated regularly by Martin and has many more photographs and stories about us. We don’t get constrained by any labels – jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, funk, blues, disco – we just love good music. Particularly danceable tunes. If you are planning an event ( wedding, anniversary party, dinner dance, anything really ) where you would like an energetic band that covers music from multiple genres do contact us and discuss with us what you have in mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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